25x108mm (1"x4.1/4") Hexagon Shank

Hardened tempered chrome vanadium steel finished in a corrosion resistant surface finish.
Points & narrow chisels - Mortising & demolition work in masonry & concrete, restoring joints & clearing reinforcements.
Wide chisels - Removing roughcasting and layers of dirt, removing concrete residues from foemwork boards & restoring steels.
Tarmac/Asphalt cutters - Restoration of tarmac/asphalt coverings.
Clayspades - Digging in hard compacted soil & clay.
Pad - Compacting soil, gravel & aggregates.
Stem - To suit the pad.

Hammer models to suit - Belle BHB 19 & BHB 23, Wacker BH55 25x108 & BH65 25x108, Hycon HH20 & HH23.

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Code Description Type Shank Type Working Width (mm) Under Collar (mm) Pack Qty Price
C251-910043 MP 25x108x380mm u/c Point 25x108mm Hex 380 1
C251-910044 MP 25x108x450mm u/c Point 25x108mm Hex 450 1
C251-910253 NC 25x108x380mm u/c Narrow Chisel 25x108mm Hex 25mm 380 1
C251-910254 NC 25x108x450mm u/c Narrow Chisel 25x108mm Hex 25mm 450 1
C251-910430 BC 25x108x380 75x50 Wide Chisel 25x108mm Hex 75 x 50mm 380 1
C251-910435 DC 25x108x300 115x125 Tarmac Cutter 25x108mm Hex 115 x 125mm 305 1
C251-910911 Stem 25x108 S.Taper Stems (small taper to fit small bore pad) 25x108mm Hex 205 1
C251-912905 Pad 125mmDia S.Bore Pads (small bore) 125mm pad diameter 1
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