Centre Drills

Flute Type
Right hand helix
Point Angle
118° with a 60° included countersink
Surface Treatment
Bright finish
For general centreing operations on workpieces requiring addtional machining between centres
Manufactured To
Din 333

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Code Description Diameter Overall Length(mm) Body Diameter Pack Qty Packaged In/On Price
C108-0010 1.0mm Point x 3.15m Body (1)Centre Drills 1.0mm 31.5 3.15mm 1 Box
C108-0016 1.6mm Point x 4.0m Body Centre Drills 1.6mm 35.5 4mm 1 Box
C108-0020 2.0mm Point x 5.0mm Body Centre Drills 2.0mm 40 5mm 1 Box
C108-0025 2.5mm Point x 6.3m Body (3)Centre Drills 2.5mm 45 6.3mm 1 Box
C108-00315 3.15mm Point x 8.0m Body (4)Centre Drills 3.15mm 50 8mm 1 Box
C108-0040 4.0mm Point x 10.0m Body Centre Drills 4.0mm 56 10mm 1 Box
C108-0050 5.0mm Point x 12.5m Body Centre Drills 5.0mm 63 12.5mm 1 Box
C108-0063 6.3mm Point x 16.0m Body (6)Centre Drills 6.3mm 71 16mm 1 Box
C108-1001 BS1 3/64 inch Point Centre Drills BS1 3/64" 38 3.18mm 1 Box
C108-1002 BS2 1/16 inch Point Centre Drills BS2 1/16" 45 4.76mm 1 Box
C108-1003 BS3 3/32 inch Point Centre Drills BS3 3/32" 51 6.35mm 1 Box
C108-1004 BS4 1/8 inch Point Centre Drills BS4 1/8" 57 7.94mm 1 Box
C108-1005 BS5 3/16 inch Point Centre Drills BS5 3/16" 64 11.11mm 1 Box
C108-1006 BS6 1/4 inch Point Centre Drills BS6 1/4" 76 15.88mm 1 Box
C108-1007 BS7 5/16 inch Point Centre Drills BS7 5/16" 86 19.05mm 1 Box
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