SDS Plus

Hardened tempered chrome vanadium steel finished in a corrosion resistant surface finish.
Points & narrow chisels - Mortising & demolition work in masonry & concrete, restoring joints & clearing reinforcements.
Wide chisels - Removing roughcasting and layers of dirt, removing concrete residues from foemwork boards & restoring steels.
Cranked wide chisels - Removing wall & floor tiles, cerment render of walls.
Chasing gouge - Cutting channels in masonry.
Mortar rake - Removel of mortar between bricks.
Comb holder - Dressing of stone.
Floor/Wall scraping tool - Ideal for lifting tiles, carpets, plaster & floor screeding before laying a new surface down.
Bush hammer head pad -  Used for dressing stone, granite & marbel.Carbide tipped pads give you a longer tool life.

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Code Description Type Shank Type Overall Length (mm) Working Width (mm) Pack Qty Packaged In/On Price
C237-00001 SDSC01 SDS Plus Point 250mm o/a Point SDS plus 250 1 Euro hanger
C237-00002 SDSC02 SDS Plus Chisel 20x250mm o/a Narrow Chisel SDS plus 250 20mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-00003 SDSC03 SDS Plus WD Chisel 40x250mm o/a STR Shank Wide Chisel Straight SDS plus 250 40mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-00009 SDS Plus CRK Wide Chisel 40x250mm o/a Cranked Wide Chisel - Cranked SDS plus 250 40mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-00005 SDS Plus Wide Chisel 75x160mm o/a STR Shank Wide Chisel - Straight SDS plus 160 75mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-000006 SDS PLus CRK Wide Chisel 75x160mm o/a Cranked Wide Chisel - Cranked SDS plus 160 75mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-SDSPLUSSET1 3PCS SDS+ Set PT 250mm, Chisel 20x250mm, WD Chisel 40x250mm 3Pcs Set - Point, Chisel & Wide chisel SDS Plus Point, Chisel & Wide Chisel 250mm Point, Chisel 20mm, Wide Chisel 40mm 1 Euro hangers
C230-020002SET 8PCS SDS+ Set PT,CH,WCx250mm 5.5,6,7x160mm 8,10x210mm 8Pcs Set - Point 250mm, chisel 20x250mm, wide chisel 40x250mm, drill bits, 5.5, 6, 7x160mm, 8, 10x210mm SDS plus 1 Euro hanging case
C237-00004 SDSC04 SDS Plus Gouge Chisel 22x250mm o/a Chasing Gouge SDS plus 250 22mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-00007 SDS Plus Comb Holder 38mm Wide 200mm o/a Scutch Comb Holder SDS plus 200 38mm 1 Euro hanger
C255-914485 38mm Skutch Comb Scutch comb 38mm (1.1/2") 1
C237-00008 SDS Plus TCT Mortar Rake Chisel 70x20x7mm 185mm o/a Mortar Rake Chisel SDS plus 185 70x20x7mm 1 Euro hanger
C237-00010 SDS Plus Floor/Wall Scraping Tool 100mm Wide 260mm o/a Foor/Wall Scraping Tool SDS Plus 260 100 1 Euro hanger
C237-00011 Spare Blade For SDS Plus Floor /Wall Scraping Tool+Nuts&Bolts Spare blade floor/wall scraping tool - Width-100mm 110 100 1
C237-00016 SDS Plus Bush Hammer Head Tool 145mm o/a TCT 16 PT 35mmSQ Pad Bush hammer head tool SDS plus 145 Bush hammer head tool, TCT 16 point pad, 35mm square 1 Euro hanger
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